Popular Hollywood star Johnny Depp is finally available to follow in social networks. He was among the stars who preferred to stay away from Social Networks. But being isolated for quite a long, he might have given it another thought, as we all know how freaking it might become for ones to not be able to go and enjoy the places for a long time. He has now opened an Instagram & Facebook fan page account and are already verified as well. In about a day he has already got 400k followers on Facebook & more than 2.3 million on Instagram.

He went on to recount some of the hardships people are facing during the coronavirus pandemic, and encouraged fans to keep strong and active, saying “Through caring, we will help each other and we will prevail.” 
At the end, Depp offered up a collaboration with Jeff Beck of John Lennon’s “Isolation.”

Johnny Depp here intends to support the fans battling the Corona Virus pandemic. He is already spreading the vibes with word isolation that his new music is entitled to. As you can see the first post of Depp has already passed 1M likes. He is currently promoting his music “Isolation” in collaboration with Jeff Beck which is launched along with his account. He took the launch of the account also to announce this music launch. With lockdowns and isolations going all over the world the Jack Sparrow fans can mark this launch as some good stuff to find on the internet. If you want to see more of Johnny Depp daily. Go follow the actor.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star revealed he was prompted to join social media because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Along with Johnny Depp, there are also few more celebrities joining social media for the first time, officially.