It is less than 5 hours the greatest tournament of World Football will kick off. The World Cup 2018, Russia will start sooner with Host Country Russia Playing Saudi Arabia and the excitement & glory begins. Like all other World Cup, this looks to be another exciting one, but in this world cup we surely gonna miss some great teams that did not qualify. Here I create some list of Countries who despite their strong team & players did not make to the Glory.


There was a hangover from the Euros, which led to a slow start and a little bit of complacency but also a few injuries along the way didn’t help. Overall, we were very close to qualifying for two tournaments in a row and the disappointment across Wales shows how far we’ve come in the last four years. Maybe bringing in youngsters such as Ben Woodburn earlier would have helped.

Injuries to Gareth Bale and Joe Allen were also crucial. Some of the stalwarts such as Andy King and Sam Vokes will slowly make way for the youngsters, but I am optimistic for the 2020 Euros. It’s important that, if Chris Coleman goes, the progress made under his leadership continues and we don’t lose any momentum.


You may scoff at this, but USA and Mexico are regular representatives of North America in the tournament. USA last missed it in 1986. Also, the best performance by a nation not from Europe and South America is by USA, who achieved 3rd place in the 1930 edition.


This is perhaps the most unfair one. Winner of two Copa America on the trot, both against Argentina. Football is cruel sometimes.


On the surface, it looks like a big surprise, after lighting the WC for years, despite not winning it. However, this is the result of long-brewing problems. The current lineup still has not replaced the aging Van Persie, Sneijder, Huntelaar and Robben (who could still be handy now).


Italy’s failure is the biggest shock. A team which won it 4 times! Last they missed was 1958, “fittingly” hosted by the team that knocked them out this time, Sweden. Their over-reliance on aging players has shown it’s limit. Their performance in Euros, was a surprise, which shows their expectations. Maybe this will force to shake the team for better. Buffon deserves a better sendoff than this.