10 Facts about Game of Thrones that will blow your mind


1Jon Snow could have looked like Ramsay Bolton.

As Iwan Rheon told Interview in 2016, it was down to him and Kit Harington to play Ned Stark’s bastard son. “It could’ve been so different. I’d be dead now,” Iwan said. “I think they made the right choice; it would’ve been a very different Jon Snow if I played him.”

2That wasn’t really Kit Harington’s butt in the cave. 😉

Jon Snow and Ygritte had hands down one of the sexiest cave sex scenes of all time when he finally lost his V-card in “Kissed by Fire” (season three, episode five). There was a great butt moment but as Kit revealed in GQ nearly one year after the episode aired, “It wasn’t my ass.” Six weeks before the shoot, he broke his ankle due to “young male stupidity, really” and a crew member with long black curls stepped in as Kit’s butt double.

3The horse heart Dany eats in season one was actually made of solidified jam.

According to Emilia Clarke, the jam concoction was so awful she didn’t really have to act. “[It] tasted like bleach and raw pasta,” she told The Mirror. “I ate roughly 28 hearts throughout the days we filmed that scene. Fortunately, they gave me a spit bucket because I was vomiting in it quite often.”

4Only other 2 persons know the ending in case George R. R. Martin dies

In 2011, GRRM told Entertainment Weekly, “I know the ending in broad strokes. I don’t know every little twist and turn that will get me there, and I don’t know the ending of every secondary character. But the ending and the main characters, yeah.” Benioff told Variety in 2015, “We know what the ending is, and we’re barreling toward it,” adding that there are no intentions of stretching it out “just because we’re all having a good time doing it and people are making money off it.”

5Maester Aemon was blind on and off screen.

Peter Vaughan was partially blind when he was cast as the blind elder Maester Aemon of the Night’s Watch. Less than two years after his character died from old age on the show, Vaughan passed away in December 2016 at the age of 93.

6Tyrion has appeared in more episodes than any other character.

As of season seven, episode five, “Eastwatch,” 65 episodes have aired and Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion Lannister has appeared on 59 episodes, followed by Lena Headey’s Cersei (57), and Kit Harington’s Jon Snow (55).

7A lot of dead characters are alive in the books.

More than a handful of characters are alive in Martin’s books, but dead on the show. These include: Shireen and Stannis Baratheon, Night’s Watchmen Pyp and Grenn, Barristan Selmy, Myrcella Baratheon, and Mance Rayder. Now even Little Finger is dead. Just thinking what could have been the story with all these characters alive.

8George R.R. Martin made Show Runners guess who’s Jon Snow Mother

Before he’d bestow his blessing on Weiss and Benioff, Martin asked the two wannabe showrunners the question that has spurred thousands upon thousands of words of fan speculation: “Who is Jon Snow’s real mother?” “It was very much like a test question,” Benioff admitted. “Basically, it was like: ‘Guess. I want your guess to be intelligent and I want it to be based in the facts of the world,’” Weiss added. “We had already discussed it. We’d had like a two-hour conversation about it. It was pretty well-trammeled territory for us.” So we were not only the ones in dilemma.

99. Real People are naming their kids after Game of Thrones Characters

In the year 2014, per the Social Security Administration, “Khaleesi” was the United States’s 755th most popular baby name for girls, up from 1021th place in 2013. In England, Khaleesi, Arya, Tyrion, Brienne, Sansa, Bran, Sandor, and Theon also saw a rise in popularity after Game of Thrones began airing.

10George R.R. Martin & Beyonce has two of the dragon eggs from the GoT set

In 2011, designer Gemma Jackson gave the egg prop to GRRM as a wedding gift when he married longtime love Parris McBride. According to Emilia Clarke in a 2015 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Jay-Z bought one of the original eggs as a gift for Beyoncé. So where’s the third? Fess up, Littlefinger. I know you know.

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