Artist Profile: Ulto Pulto (Touching hearts deeply)

Sequences of Memories


A band for anyone in search of quality music. Rohit John Chettri too expressed his love for this three man band’s music when he shared this song via Facebook.

Their biggest hit as well as my personal favorite is “Samjhana ko Lahara”, which has crossed about 300k views in YouTube, is the song dedicated to Nepalese Abroad. The song is smooth and freshens the souls of every music lovers & the memories of ones with their equally powerful heart touching lyrics. The band also has plenty of devotees on Soundcloud as well.

“Aash Cha” “Bachunjel Samma” are other recognized hits. Last year they released video (Korean Drama Featured) for Bachunjel Samma song as well. On the ‘You Oughta Know’ section of Nepali music chart, this band unmistakably takes the cake.