Nepathya is one name in Nepali Music – which has gained consistent popularity and social recognition. During the past 21 years of its existence- Nepathya has been the trendsetters. They have been the pioneers to blend folk melodies into youth friendly pop and rock format. Folk melodies have remained the life force of Nepathya. Apart from folk, Nepathya’s songs also portray contemporary Nepal – its pain at times of war and distress, and yet the ray of hope an artist sees and imagines of… Critics address Nepathya as the Most Earthy Nepali Band.

Nepathya has enjoyed both commercial and critical success. Nepathya is well known for contemporary tunes that have strong ties with indigenous music and songs sung using regional dialects from rural Nepal.

Formed in 1990 by Deepak Rana (now a Chopper pilot), Bhim Poon (now settled in Hong Kong) and Amrit Gurung, Nepathya has in these 18 years provided platform to many musicians.

It has seen 21 new faces come and go, but the name Nepathya and it’s popularity still exists with consistency. Nepathya has been a platform for talented musicians. As music is yet to become a sustainable form of profession in Nepal, long-term commitments from musicians remain rare.

Amrit Gurung / Source: Web

The moving force behind this band is Amrit Gurung who is generally from Pokhara who wears Gandhian frames (supposed to have been presented to him from one of his aunts who was a staunch follower of Mahatma Gandhi) and sings about peace and harmony. He is the only currently active founding member of the band. His songs encompass all of Nepal and are not limited to Kathmandu Valley. By hobby he is a photographer and a traveler. He has been to more than 70 out of the 75 districts of Nepal, most of them on foot. Nepathya has seen many changes in its band’s line up.Till date more than 19 members have joined and left the band. But the founder and the brain behind Nepathya is unfazed. “Being in Nepathya is like being part of a serious journey. Anyone who deviates from team spirit and artistic commitment find it hard to stay with the team”, says Gurung. They have toured the UK, the USA, Australia, Israel, Germany, Finland, India among others with their live performance. They have performed in the United States in Summer 2012 and they became the first Nepali band/artist to have performed in Wembley Arena, UK on August 3, 2013. (Source: Wikipedia)

Amrit Gurung has remained the guardian, leader and currently the lead vocalist of Nepathya. With 10 albums to its credit, Nepathya from its Chekyo Chekyo days (early 90s) to Jomsome Bazaarma (mid 90s) to Resham (release 2001) to Bhedako Oon Jasto (release 2003) has maintained its consistency in the market.

Nepathya’s 7th was called ‘Ghatana … incidents of Nepal’. Ghatana which was a musical expression of Nepal as Nepalese lived through during 2003-2005 of conflict struck Nepal.

8th album – Mero Desh is a compilation of songs based on Nepathya’s musical expression of current Nepal. Few songs are fresh and newly recorded, few are from it’s back catalogue which Nepathya still thinks is relevant and few has come in forms of re-arranged and re-recorded forms.

Nepathya album – Aina Jhyal is a continuity of Nepthya’s folk rock genre. An outcome of Amrit’s travel to the villages and the positive and peaceful direction the nation is heading after conflict and political transition.

Albums released
1. Nepathya – 1991 ( featuring Barashat ko mausom )
2. Himal chuchure – 1993 (featuring Chekyo chekyo, Eouta chitthi)
3. Min pachas ma – 1995 (featuring Jomsome bazar ma, Chari Mario shisai ko goli le)
4. Shringar – 1997 (featuring Saruma rani, Yarling, Yatra)
5. Resham – 2001 (featuring Resham, Yo Zindagani)
6. Bhedako oon Jasto – 2003 (featuring – Bheda ko Oon…, Sa…, Taalko Pani)
7. Ghatana (Incidents of Nepal) – 2005 (featuring – Ghatana)
8. Mero Desh – my country – 2010
9. Aina Jhyal – 2010
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